Areas of work

INBA sustainably develop innovative solutions in the field of vocational education and training and work. The institute focuses on three fields of work for different target groups. The fields complement each other or build on each other.  

Area of work 1: Analysis-based consultancy around VET, work and business

Our work focusses in the area consultancy are

  • Vocational training orientation on the transition from school to profession
  • Suitability anaysis-based consultancy of school leavers  
  • Consultancy of schools / teachers for implementation of vocational training orientation in their institution / work
  • Business consulting 
  • Know-how preservation and transfer, need of skilled workers
  • Education management, need of further training and initial training in the company
  • Staff development and work process optimisation 
  • Regional development with a focus on VET
  • Consulting, development and implementation of education, VET and labour market projects
  • Founder of new business (business starter) 

Area of work 2: Analysis and development of sustainable innovative solutions and educational products

Our work focusses in the areas analysis, optimisation and development of solutions and products are

  • Aptitude tests and competence tests (analysis of potential)
  • Company-specific training concepts and educational management 
  • Development and implementation of company- and need-specific educational products including training of how to implement and to use the products (e.g. products to preserve and transfer know-how in the company, to ensure the need of skilled workers, design of training, optimisation of staff, education and work process structures
  • Operational needs analyses 
  • Analysis results based employee training 

Area of work 3: Scientific services with focus on VET and work

Our work focusses in the area scientific services are

  • Scientific consultancy of project executing organisations, educational institutions and institutions who offer vocational training measures as well as decision-makers
  • Scientific support 
  • Development and implementation of education, VET and labour market projects 
  • Evaluation of programs, projects, education measures and products
  • Studies and analyses 
  • Development and implementation of educational / VET products such as qualification concepts, competence measurement instruments, instruments for quality check, quality standards, suitability analyses, assessments
Youth employment service and support
Youth employment service and support
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Scientific services
Scientific services