Our competencies

Heike Arold

Diploma professional pedagogue (University degree)
Vocational education teacher (1st State Examination)
Graduate engineer (FH)
REFA-expert (REFA include  job design, 
labour and industrial organisation, development of companies) 
Safety-at-work expert
Owner and Managing Director of INBA

  • Study of vocational education and training (diploma professional pedagogue) and teaching degree for vocational schools (Subjects:  metal engineering, economy / policy) at  biat – Berufsbildungsinstitut Arbeit und Technik , University of Flensburg
  • University lecturer, researcher VET at biat - University of Flensburg and ITB – University of Bremen, vocational/professional trainer in career preparation in different companies
  • Study of mechanical engineering / production engineering (Focus: industrial science, rhetoric and management at the University of Applied Science Kiel
  • REFA-expert and Safety-at-work expert
  • Accepted journalist and photojournalist
  • Technical illustrator for building services and engineering at the company Heinemann KG, Rendsburg
  • Publication of several scientific articles and reports

Activities for

  • Institut Technik und Bildung (IT+B), Exzellenzuniversität Bremen (2005 – 2012) in the field work processes and VET
    • e.g. application for EU-projects, project develoment/ coordination/ management of EU-projects, scientific support and  project consultancy, analyses and studies, program/ project/ product evaluation, development of qualifications and products which are used in VET, coaching e.g. in China
    • Implementation and planning of courses in the field metal technology and vocational education and teaching of students in this fields
    • Organisation, implementation and moderation of national and international workshops, meetings, conferences
  • Berufsbildungsinstitut Arbeit und Technik (biat) der Universität Flensburg (2002 – 2005)
    • e.g. program/ project/ product evaluation, scientific support and organisation of conferences and workshops
  • Alte Schule freier Träger für Jugend, Bildung und Soziales e.V. (2003 – 2005) 
    • e.g. Coordination and organisation of the interface between school  and economics, trainer for rhetoric / communication / technical theory, development and implementation of suitability analysis, profiling and career planning, vocational consulting of young people, personnel training (in suitability analysis, competency measurement instruments, teaching methods and concepts), planning of measures in the vocational preparation called BvB / abH
  • Internationaler Bund e.V. (2001 – 2003) 
    • See activities Alte Schule e.V.
  • Furthermore: Coaching in Communication, project management, eduction management, development and use of Analysis / research instruments, business improvement, company leading

Competencies of our partners

Our partners with whom we implement projects and develop solutions for our clients, are experts in the field of VET, work and employment, business improvement and labour market development. Their fields of expertise are

  • Science of VET
  • Education science
  • Work science
  • Social science
  • Engineering science

But also numerous experts and designers in the field of vocational education and training and work, as well as freelance trainers for project management, communication, education management, etc. with their specific know-how and expertise, are arranged by us in expert and competency teams depending on the order of our clients.   

Youth employment service and support
Youth employment service and support
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Scientific services
Scientific services