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Heike Arold
Dipl.-Ing. Dipl. Berufspäd.
Managing Director

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Welcome to INBA

„Vocational education and training is not a snapshot, but a process of lifelong learning”

Following this motto "INBA - Institute sustainable VET and Work" understands itself as an interface between the areas transition from school to profession, enterprises and scientific services. Because of our excellent specialized knowledge and experiences in vocational education and training (VET), business improvement and performance of scientific services, we are able to create synergies between these three areas. Based on this, we offer our target groups individual consultancy and different analyses. We develop demand-oriented innovative solutions as well as products in the field of vocational education and training and work. Our target groups are companies, educational institutions, schools and decision-makers as well as career starter that we want to pave the way for their work life by training guidance based on analysis results.


The Institute works across disciplines and industries together with numerous experts from the industry and research. It can look back on more than ten years of experience in applied vocational education and training research and the performance of scientific services at a regional, national and international level. Moreover, INBA has several years of experience in professional preparation and vocational training orientation and the implementation of training courses, workshops and coaching in the field of VET.

We always work demand-oriented and practical, with a claim to develop high-quality as well as sustainable innovative and user-friendly products for our customers. We always take into account both legal changes, as well as labour market policy, economic and social trends.

Overview of our services

In addition to analysis-based vocational training counselling for school leavers at the transition from school to profession we offer for companies goal-oriented consultancies and analysis particularly with regard to topics like knowledge preservation and transfer, demand for skilled workers and training requirements as well as training management and training itself. Furthermore, our range of services includes the development, implementation and execution of company-specific training concepts and products including training to implement the products (e.g. assessments, instruments to measure competencies, instruments for quality check, quality standards). And we offer and carry out staff surveys to optimize the operational processes in the company.

In the field of scientific services our range of services includes: 

  • Scientific consultancy and support of educational institutions, project executing organisations and decision-makers e.g.  in projects, educational programs
  • Development and implementation of VET and educational projects
  • Development and implementation of training concepts, training programs and new qualifications
  • Development and implementation of instruments to measure competencies, instruments for quality check and quality standards
  • Project evaluation, action evaluation and product evaluation
  • Studies and analyses (e.g. work process analysis, analysis of needs, training analysis)
Youth employment service and support
Youth employment service and support
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Business consultancy / Business improvement
Scientific services
Scientific services